The Impact Of Apple’s Steve Jobs

I found out about the passing of Steve Jobs from a text message on my iPhone and later confirmed the news after reading an article on the Internet on my MacBook Pro. The news of the 56-year-old-year-old passing away came a day after the release of the iPhone 4S. Jobs touched the lives of so many people from a technological standpoint, more importantly, though the adopted California native defined American exceptionalism.

When I first started editing videos at the age of 16, I used a Digital Linear Editor (magnetic tape data storage). When I bought my MacBook Pro in 2008, the Final Cut editing software enabled me to be much more efficient with my work. I was able to finish editing a video that used to take 5 hours in half the time and the quality and effects were incomparable. Workers in the media and entertainment field were forced to use Apple products; otherwise, their competition would smoke them.

Jobs started Apple in his garage with a friend and turned the business into the largest company in America that has more cash on hand than the United States Government. With the iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and Macbook to name a few, you’d be hard pressed to find someone (who engages in technological use) who hasn’t benefited from Steve Jobs’ vision.

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