The Future of Television

Sitting on the couch and strictly watching television will become a thing of the past. Younger generations will be mezmorized how their parents had the attention span to sit in front of the tube for hours without engaging in any other activity. According to The New York Times, “The computer is a bigger draw than the TV set for children ages 10 to 14.” Is this to say that flatscreens will become obsolete? If they are incompatible with the internet the answer is yes.

I officially realized this the other week when the National Championship game between Oregon and Auburn was live streaming on I watched the first half of the contest on my computer and the experience was amazing! (I know, I’m a loser, no need to point it out). On top of the clarity being outstanding, in-between plays and during commercials I was able to Facebook chat with friends about Oregon’s uniform, check statistical updates, and Google search the amount of money Cam Newton’s dad has pocketed. The experience for me was much more enjoyable than just watching the game live on television.

Online videos are not new by any means. I’ve watched and edited thousands of hours of video content on the computer. Several years ago I was watching NBA and NHL games live on the web through their respective league passes. Seeing the title game not only live but for free is what grabbed my attention. In the future, every sporting event and show will be available live on the web.
Apple’s new TV lets you rent new movies and TV shows, stream Netflix content, watch YouTube videos, and enjoy photos, itunes music, and more right from your HDTV. After reading the description, I was sold. (In my mind at least. I need some more coin until I make the purchase).

Everyone who was raving about the low price of flatscreen televisions this holiday season has yet to realize that TV’s will eventually be marked in the same category as walkman’s and VCR players. Technological devices of the past (unless they hook up to the internet).

I am not only interested in buying an Apple TV, I want to purchase shares of the companies stock, valued at over $300.00 share. The future of television is heading in the direction of the internet. Get on board.
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