Stefanie Parks (VP Media & Marketing)

From a young age, Stefanie knew that she wanted to work in marketing and media. At 18, she placed first in a nationwide marketing competition for her plan to help local fast food restaurants better promote their healthy menu items to teens. Even then, Stefanie was ahead of the times and was able to sense this future trend in the fast food industry, something so vital with online media.

Her superb marketing skills led to online research work with clients in financial services, retail, and CPG as a market research analyst at C+R Research in Chicago, Illinois. Stefanie also helped to grow ZoomInterviews, a video interview preparation website, and served as their Marketing Director, running their social and online media operations.

Combining her passion for marketing with online and social media was a no-brainer for Stefanie. She has the capability of meeting with a business and creating a unique campaign that cross promotes social media with videos. Stefanie ensures that her clients have the most creative and compelling content that their fans and followers won’t be able to get enough of.

Stefanie also enjoys traveling, art, reading, biking and trying new foods. Not all at the same time, of course.