Sports & Cooking! TMC Produces Content Based On Their Interests

Stefanie Parks, VP of The Media Captain and hardcore foodie!

Jason and Stefanie Parks love producing online content for businesses to help them gain exposure. When asked about their favorite products to market,  Jason and Stefanie (brother and sister) could not be any more opposite. Stefanie is a complete foodie who discovers new restaurants daily and only watches sports when required. Jason, on the other hand, is a sports fanatic who eats at Subway numerous times a week and has no interest in checking out the latest restaurant.

Stefanie has wanted to share her dining experiences with friends, family and online browsers for a while now. She believes she has a knack for picking good restaurants and her number one concern is eating good food. That’s why she started (which has generated over 1,000 website visits within the first month!) Reviews, photos, and humor make her website a must-read for anyone who likes to eat out! She is not scared to harshly criticize a popular restaurant or give an amazing review to a hole in the wall that no one’s ever heard of! Just don’t expect her to provide any reviews for Subway anytime soon.

Jason appearing on the “Top Football Moments” for FoxSports and YardBarker

Jason is so passionate about sports he could talk to a brick wall about the latest  football game and be completely content with the conversation. Since high school, Jason has reported on sports, produced videos and interviewed athletes in the college and professional ranks. He has recently teamed up with and to provide a weekly segment, “Top Football Moments.”  Comparing a quarterback’s first half performance to Snooki in a bikini is the type of content you can expect from Jason.

While sports and food are topics of interest for Stefanie and Jason, you can see more of their marketing expertise by visiting The Media Captain’s website or following TMC on Facebook and Twitter.