Southwest Sluggish with WiFi

From no checked baggage fees to changing flights without a penalty, Southwest Airlines has excellent customer service and has become known as an innovator in the airline sector. According to Fortune Magazine, “If you’d invested $10,000 in Southwest Airlines on December 31, 1972, your $10,000 investment would have grown to nearly $12 million by the end of 2002. A return 63 times better than the general stock market.” SWA not only knows how to operate an airline that generates profit, but also satisfies their customers.

With their emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction, I can not understand the fact that my recent flight home from Las Vegas marked the tenth consecutive Southwest flight in which wireless internet was unavailable. According to their website, “ We are giving customers with WiFi-enabled devices the freedom to be more productive and to stay entertained while they fly with full access to the Internet, including e-mail, shopping, and virtual private networks (VPN).” Either I’m extremely unlucky in my flight selection or the Loveland, Texas airliner is lagging in offering this important amenity that they have promised their customers. I’m guessing the latter.

The ability to access the Internet on airplanes is critical these days for business travelers, and most likely an important factor in choosing which airline to fly. Instead of uploading videos or checking on an online advertising campaign on this flight, I’m writing this blog with a paper and pen (old school).

Everyone these days seems to own either a laptop or iPad. It is extremely surprising that SWA, a trendsetter in the airline industry, isn’t up-to-date on this obvious technological advancement. JetBlue, in comparison, not only has WiFi but they also have DIRECTV on-board! (JetBlue doesn’t fly out of Columbus International ): Does Columbus really have international flights, by the way?)

It will be interesting to see whether Southwest Airlines will respond to this blog after I post it onto their social media channels (If I had a higher Klout score I’d be more confident). Either way, if Southwest doesn’t start offering WiFi on their flights in the near future, I’m predicting that they will begin to lose customers because of it; myself included.

*Note- This article was posted on Jason Parks’ home wireless connection, not Southwest Airlines.*

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