Social Media Response Prompts Interest in NBA Playoffs

I was eating lunch at a sports bar last weekend when I saw that the Orlando Magic were hosting the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of the opening round of the NBA Playoffs. I wasn’t able to see the score, just recognize who was playing. That prompted me to ask to myself, “who the hell plays for the Indiana Pacers nowadays?” So I did what any normal human being who is overly obsessed with social media would do… I asked that same question on Twitter.

I was expecting a response from one of my typical male friends who generally reply to my sports related tweets. If I was lucky, I was hoping a couple of sports fans on Twitter would appreciate my amazing hashtags that pay homage to the Pacers team that constantly beat up on my Knicks throughout the 90’s. Less than five minutes after I submitted my Tweet, I was surprised to see a response from an unexpected Twitter account.

The official Twitter handle of the Indiana Pacers, who has over 75,000 followers responded to me! Since I don’t really care who their starting lineup is, I was initially dissapointed that they didn’t make any reference to my great hashtags. I was further dissapointed to find out that their team is one of the least followed franchises in the NBA.

I’m not a glass half empty kind of guy so I will count my blessings in this social media situation. It is extremely cool that an NBA team responded so quickly to a general inquiry from a fan. I had no interest whatsoever in the Pacers vs. Magic series but now find myself rooting for Indiana, all because of social media!

Jason Parks is the Owner  of The Media Captain. The Media Captain, LLC specializes in Corporate Video Production as well as online media and marketing.