Outsourced Marketing Services

The Media Captain is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Columbus. If your business is seeking to outsource all digital marketing efforts, we can help. We’ve been around for a decade and have a team of 15 PPC, SEO, Email, Social Media and Content Specialists to help you in all areas of your business. We also have in-house development expertise if you need assistance with website maintenance, hosting or design work.


The Media Captain has worked with hundreds of business across all verticals. We pride ourselves in coming up with the right strategy and having the expertise in-house to execute on the game plan. We get to know our clients business inside and out so we have clear direction on where to best allocate our time, resources along with the clients digital budget. It’s no coincidence that UpCity named The Media Captain a Top 1% Agency in the U.S.

We’re located right here in Columbus. We know Central Ohio well, we know the business landscape well and we are trusted experts in the digital and development space. 

  • Dedicated Digital Strategist
    • You would have a digital marketing specialist certified in Analytics and Adwords with extensive experience assigned to your account. We know you are busy running the day-to-day of your business. It’s our job to get key information from your team about upcoming important initiatives to deploy across the proper digital verticals.
  • In-House Development Expertise 
    • We have dedicated development experts in-house. Many of our marketing clients utilize our firm for website updates, hosting and anything in-between from a technical perspective.
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  • Results Driven 
    • We’re an ROI driven agency. We have real-time reporting dashboards that show you ad spend, conversions and much more. We realize the only way to forge a long-lasting relationship is to drive a positive ROI for the client. 
  • In-House Design Expertise 
    • We have graphic designers in-house that are constantly helping clients with upcoming brochures, website enhancements, trade shows and much more
  • Communication
    • We have 15 in-house digital experts. Many of our associates have come from prior in-house positions so we understand the Client/Agency relationship well. We also pride ourselves on our communication. We understand a well executed campaign takes back and forth communication. If you ever need to contact our firm, we’re available via phone or email for a strategy session.
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Our firm has worked with many small, medium and large sized companies. Whether your business need multiple resources from our staff dedicated to your account or just one strategist, we can allocate the necessary time and resources to fit your needs.

We take the time to explain to our clients the reason and rationale behind the strategies we implement. We speak in a language that’s easy for our clients to understand. We know there’s a lot of digital marketing jargon out there. We get straight to the point and move quickly to deliver the bottom line results.

If you are interested in outsourcing your marketing services, please GET IN TOUCH with The Media Captain.