Columbus Amazon Marketing/Consulting Company

There are over 100,000 Amazon sellers with sales of $100,000 or more during the year. It is time for your business to start taking Amazon seriously to grow e-commerce sales for your business. Let our Columbus based Amazon experts help elevate and grow sales for your business.

Why Amazon?

55% of online product searches begin on Amazon. Amazon ships an average of 608 million packages each year, which equates to (an estimated) 1,600,000 packages a day. Amazon is now a staple in our everyday life. If you are an entrepreneur or an e-commerce brand, Amazon needs to become an integral part of your marketing strategy. This is where The Media Captain can help your business.

Why The Media Captain?

We’ve successfully helped brands shift their e-commerce strategy to include Amazon into the marketing mix. We’ve used our Amazon marketing skill-set to get our clients onto Amazon to sell millions of dollars’ worth of product in this marketplace. For Malta Dynamics, a safety supply company, we took their Amazon revenue from less than $5,000 per month to over $40,000 per month within a 45-day timespan (and we’re continuing to grow). When you know which keywords to bid on and how to incorporate a paid Amazon strategy along with tactics to acquire reviews, this moves the needle in terms of sales.

Amazon Consulting Success Stories

Business Account Set Up

If you’re new to Amazon, getting started can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll help guide you through the process so that you understand and easily navigate the backend of Amazon’s Seller Central

Product Setup & Optimization

If you haven’t already gotten your products set up on Amazon, we can help guide you through this process. If you have, we’ll go through and critique your product pages to help optimize your listings, checking to make sure everything from product titles to keywords to descriptions are in the best possible shape to generate the most sales.

Inventory Management

We offer consulting on the fulfillment and pricing of your Amazon listings to help ensure you can beat out your competitors and ship products in a timely manner that meets Amazon’s qualifications and will help generate positive reviews, and therefore more sales

Bolster Star-ratings

Product listings with a higher star rating and more reviews lead to more sales. Our team will focus on generating organic reviews following Amazon’s guidelines to get your products rated and in front of your customers.


We’ll help you set up and develop your pay per click ads within Amazon to reach their 144 million shoppers and drive more sales to your products.

Monitoring Amazon Rules & Guidelines

There are a vast number of guidelines that Amazon sellers must follow. We’ll help to make sure that you’re following all the rules so that you don’t ever incur any penalties.

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