Scarborough East Tennis “Aces” Competition with Videos!

The Media Captain will help you get found on YouTube!

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world only behind Google? Additionally, Google owns YouTube, which in turn leverages video content towards the top of search results. If your business wants more exposure, video content can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Scarborough East Tennis, an indoor and outdoor tennis facility in Columbus, Ohio, wanted to provide their members with online video lessons. The tennis pro’s who were featured in the videos had no idea that they were going to turn into celebrities!

After filming, editing and producing a “How To Hit a Faster Tennis Serve” video at Scarborough, The Media Captain optimized the YouTube clip to reach a large audience. After 36,000 views and 50 people made the video one of their “favorites,” traffic dramatically increased to Scarborough’s website and their presence amongst the search engines skyrocketed.

Scarborough is approaching 70,000 views on their YouTube channel and growing by the day. Additionally, all of the video content is featured in their “Video Library” on their site for web browsers to check out!

Adding a video arsenal to Scarborough’s online repertoire is one of the many ways The Media Captain is helping the tennis club “Ace” its competition!

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