How To Redirect Thousands (or more) URL’s

When moving from an old site to a new site, it is imperative that your primary domain redirects along with the interior pages, which can include product or service URL’s.

We’ve dealt with many clients who have had poor URL structures and don’t have a solution to manually match up thousands of URL’s to properly implement proper redirects.

For SEO purposes, if you have a product page that is highly authoritative, you’ll potentially lose this ranking signal if the redirect isn’t properly implemented.

Nobody has the time to manually go one by one through thousands of products to properly map out redirects. If you don’t have some sort of coding background, it can be extremely difficult to pull off thousands of redirects. Fortunately, our web development team has come up with a solution for your business, which is database driven.

Below are common instances that businesses have run into in regards to properly redirecting many URL’s. In addition to “the issue” we’ve also listed the solution our team takes to address the problem.

  • ISSUE: If you are in development mode and haven’t taken your site live and know you need to redirect all old URL’s to new URL’s and can’t find a solution
    • SOLUTION: We would take your initial list of all products and marry this up with the future URL’s
  • ISSUE: If you’ve already taken your website live and saw a drop in rank and need to go back and locate the old URL’s through your database to carry over the redirect
    • SOLUTION: You would need to have a backup of your website for our development team to access and then you can use the aforementioned solution
  • ISSUE: If you don’t have any access to your old website or any way of extracting the data from your old site (product information, images, etc)
    • SOLUTION: Our development team has created a scrape tool that can access each category and product page to parse the necessary data needed to import into your eCommerce platform

We understand that each business might be in a unique and different situation. We can work with your team to find a way to conduct multiple redirects.