The Waterworks - Online Advertising

The Waterworks relies on 24/7 emergency response. When people go to Google to search for “Columbus Plumbing Company,” it is important their PPC ads populate prominently at the most relevant times.


  • 123% increase in website traffic
  • 107% increase in SEM leads
  • Strategy to consolidate microsites into a centralized strategy

The Media Captain is responsible for the following:

  • Check spend vs. conversions for budgets
  • Monitor movers based on click-through rates and cost changes
  • Adjust bids
  • Monitor or pause poor performers
  • Look for missed opportunities based on impressions
  • Split out ad groups to narrow and refine campaign
  • Create new ads and ad copy and analyze and pause losers
  • Determine landing page strategy
  • Geo targeting based on location performance
  • Day parting to analyze the best day of week and time of day for conversions
  • Review historical performance
  • Add negative keywords into campaign
  • Place bid adjustments for mobile vs. desktop

The Waterworks has seen a 123% growth in traffic and a 107% increase in leads since The Media Captain took over SEM efforts.

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