Columbus Yellow Cab – Social Media

Columbus Yellow Cab, a local company founded in 1928, released a new app to compete with its rivals and cater towards Millennial.

The Media Captain needed to increase awareness about the Columbus taxi company’s app.


  • 1048% increase in page “likes”
  • 2543% increase in total reach
  • Doubled the amount of app downloads for Yellow Cab
Columbus Yellow Cab Social Media

The Media Captain’s creative team decided to take a grassroots approach before launching the advertising campaign. They conducted a photo shoot in the Short North with seven Millennials, all of whom had a large social media following.

When the Gen Y brand advocates posted behind-the-scenes pictures from the photo shoot, word began to spread about Yellow Cab’s new app.

The Media Captain utilized the photographs from the photo shoot for its social media marketing campaign, its social advertising and its display advertising campaign. The goal was to increase the amount of app downloads for Yellow Cab of Columbus.

“This capable and smart group has helped us navigate social media and connect with our customer in a way we never knew existed.”

~ Morgan Kauffman, President of Columbus Yellow Cab

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