Amedisys - Online Advertising

Amedisys, a publicly traded home health care and hospice company, was looking to increase web referrals for the hospice division of its company.

The Media Captain was brought on board to create a clever strategy and utilize its online advertising and web design skills to generate more leads for the Baton Rouge-based, Louisiana company.


  • 400% increase in online leads
  • 312% increase in website traffic
  • The quiz and the online advertising strategy was a piece of the puzzle that led to a 32% increase in patient referrals.

In conjunction with Amedisys’ marketing department, The Media Captain’s team came up with the concept of a “Hospice Quiz,” which was a dynamic landing page to help website visitors gauge whether the hospice candidate was eligible for Amedisys’ treatment. Before seeing the quiz results, the candidate or their family member were prompted to fill out a questionnaire that would dynamically generate their results.

A robust pay-per-click advertising campaign generated traffic to the quiz by bidding on valuable keywords related to Hospice and Amedisys’ care center locations. The quiz generated thousands of leads as the visitor was prompted to enter his or her contact information. Amedisys also stayed top of mind with this campaign as an email automation process was dynamically generated for anyone who filled out the questionnaire.

The “Is Hospice The Answer” Quiz is the foundation for online lead generation for Amedisy’s hospice division. The Media Captain has increased leads by over 400% for Amedisys by deploying this digital campaign.

“Our online leads increased drastically shortly after hiring The Media Jason and his team made our existing ad budget work harder for us. I highly recommend The Media Captain for your digital marketing needs!”

~ Lauren Cutrer, Marketing Manager, Amedisys

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