Pinterest Taught Me How To Cook!

While I can’t say that I’ve used Pinterest to plan my imaginary wedding or even to dream about a perfectly amazing wardrobe that I most likely will never have, I do use Pinterest religiously to bookmark and pin everything from amazing travel destinations, to photos that make me laugh (which are oddly usually either of babies or animals), to arts and crafts projects for my home. All of these pins are fairly pointless I would say considering the fact that the chances of me going to the underwater hotel in Dubai or the Lantern Festival in Chang Mai, are pretty slim. And, really, what is the point of bookmarking a picture of a baby dressed up like the old man from “Up” (I know you know what I’m talking about)? And even further, am I really ever going to make those tennis racket mirrors that I love so much?

All of the pointless pins aside (though don’t get me wrong, I love every one of my pins and am very proud every time I look through my profile), my main purpose for pinning and checking Pinterest on a daily basis is to find new recipes. I know that the whole point of Pinterest is to click on the pictures and be taken to a website, however, the only time I actually do this is when I’m looking at a recipe. I need to make sure that whatever the delicious meal is that I’m salivating over meets a few of the following requirements. 1) Less than 5 or so ingredients that I need to go out and buy. Ok, that really is the only requirement.

Before Pinterest, my cooking capabilities consisted of grilled cheese, pasta, and that’s about it. Now, with Pinterest I feel like a gourmet chef (which my boyfriend can attest to).  I’ve made stuffed peppers, lasagna, shrimp tacos, sesame noodles and turkey meatloaf to name a few. Pinterest not only makes it extremely easy to keep track of recipes so that you always have one on hand whenever you feel like making something new, it also allows me to always come up with meals that are new and different. Since my Pinterest cooking extravaganza began, I don’t think I’ve had any repeat recipes. And after growing up in a house where we had a rotation of 5 different meals, it really is extraordinary.

So, thank you Pinterest for not only helping me plan trips that I will probably never take and find art projects that I’ll never find time to complete… But, most of all, thank you Pinterest for singlehandedly teaching me how to cook!

Stefanie Parks is the Vice President of The Media Captain, LLC  
The Media Captain specializes in Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing