PicFrame Takes Instagram to Next Level For Social Photo Sharing

Instagram has made sharing photos with friends and family a fun, trendy and fast process. Take a picture on your mobile device, throw in an X-Pro II or Inkwell effect, upload the image online and you’re a fashionable hipster! PicFrame, another photo sharing application, combines your retro photos and makes social photo sharing that much damn cooler!

PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames and share them through every avenue of social media and email. You pick different color schemes and patterns for the border and your uploaded photo collage will become instantly recognizable on your friends newsfeed or timeline.

Instagram and PicFrame couldn’t compliment each other more perfectly. Organize your assortment of photos in PicFrame and then simply import the image into Instagram for all of the classic effects. With these two apps, Smartphone users feel like they’re photographers (no need to hurt their feelings and tell them otherwise).

Businesses should be using PicFrame in addition to Instagram as a part of their social marketing campaigns. With more companies engaging in the social world, posting stylish brand pictures will capture the social users attention and generate more interest in your business.

The attention in regards to online photo sharing has been strictly focused on Instagram with Facebook’s billion-dollar acquisition of the company. If you or your company wants to become a trendsetter with online photo sharing, utilize PicFrame. Whether you are using the photo collage app for pleasure or business, people will take notice!

Jason Parks is the Owner  of The Media Captain
The Media Captain is a Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing Company in Columbus, Ohio and New York.