Nordstrom’s Social Media a “Perfect Fit” with their Brand

Like most guys, I feel like I can handle shopping, but in a small dosage. I can patiently wait in a store for 15-20 minutes, but after that point, I need to find a couch and browse through my Twitter feed to stay awake.

This past weekend I was at Nordstrom with my girlfriend. She has the uncanny ability to shop in a single store for several hours. While at Nordstrom, I found a very comfortable couch on the second floor and proceeded to go on a Twitter rant (see below) while Alyson looked for “the perfect spring” dress.








After I sent off my Tweets, I received a couple of “Favorites” and some more “Retweets” which made me very happy. My battery life started to dip into the red and I was getting a little nervous about how much longer I could last. That is until @Nordstrom, to my surprise, replied to one of my Tweets.

@Nordstrom incorporated humor, timing and a personal touch in their tweet to @jason_parks1. Not only was I thoroughly impressed with the comfort of their couch, I walked away even more impressed with their social media execution. Alyson on the other hand found her perfect dress. Nordstrom’s social media strategy and implementation is a “perfect fit” with their brand

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, an Online Marketing and Digital Video Company Based in Columbus, Ohio