TMC’s New Favorite Website

I can’t really say how I came to start receiving emails from, all I can say is that I’m sure happy that I did. PureWow describes itself as “the free daily email and website for women of substance, featuring the very best in fashion, travel, tech, & so much more!”

Well, they are definitely right about the “so much more” part. Every day, I receive an email from PureWow, and every day I am beyond impressed by the website or new idea that is so good and so amazing, I have no idea how I had possibly lived without it before that day.

From Fashion + Beauty, Food + Travel, and Arts + Culture to Home + Garden, Tech + Tools, and Health + Heart, PureWow covers a little bit of everything and is one of the only daily emails that I receive that I genuinely look forward to every day.

My favorite suggestions so far? Maybe the website that allows you to communicate with practically any company in America via text message. It might be the site that can recover every photo you’ve ever sent or received via email. It could even be the site that allows you to rent cars from your neighbors (yes, your neighbors). Honestly though, with so many great ideas and recommendations, it’s really hard to choose. All I can say is sign up for PureWow and you won’t be disappointed.

Stefanie Parks is the Vice President of The Media Captain.
The Media Captain is a Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing Company in Columbus, Ohio and New York, New York.