Meet Paul May, Co-Founder of BuzzStream

According to Moz, top SEO’s believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power. Long gone are the days of black hat tactic link building. In order to solidify a solid page rank for your website, an in-depth SEO strategy is required with human outreach and a digital PR game-plan.

To help scale our link building efforts, The Media Captain decided to use BuzzStream for digital outreach. BuzzStream eliminates the time-sucking parts of link building so we can focus on what matters: Building quality relationships with link partners.

Jeremy Bencken and Paul May founded BuzzStream in May of 2008. After The Media Captain used the BuzzStream software, the team felt like this was a great service that will continue to rise in popularity, especially with Google’s constant algorithm updates.  The co-founder of the company, Paul May, was nice enough to provide us with insight into BuzzStream, the link building and digital PR tool.

Paul May, co-founder of BuzzStream

Q –
How did you come up with the idea for BuzzStream?

A – My co-founder, Jeremy Bencken, started a company prior to BuzzStream called (a successful apartment hunting site that he eventually sold to Internet Brands). Virtually all of his traffic came through organic traffic (primarily search) and he found that his biggest challenge in building up that business was digital PR and link building. Given how competitive his market was, they needed a lot of media coverage and a lot of links to make an impact on the business, and to get this, their outreach efforts had to be highly relevant and personalized. So finding a way to do this as efficiently as possible was really critical and there just weren’t good tools on the market.

 Q – How does the BuzzStream platform fill a void?

A – Promoting content is a critical component of the content marketing equation and I believe we have the best solution for researching publishers and influencers, keeping track of your relationship with them, and conducting effective outreach.

Q – What is one of your most memorable stories in regards to the platform?

A – We’ve been around for a while, so there are plenty to choose from. Most of the stories that stand out to me involve the struggles we faced in the early years because those are the times that really shaped the business. One that jumps to mind — for the first year after we launched, we had a small but loyal customer base. We weren’t making much money and the business was at real risk of failing. Rather than focusing on growing the top of the funnel, we decided to focus almost all of our efforts on making those early customers successful. We didn’t know if that would be enough to save the business, but we felt like these early customers were smart, early adopters that would make the product better. In the end, that paid big dividends for us, as those early customers ended up being some of our biggest advocates and many moved on to jobs at bigger, high profile companies (HomeAway, RetailMeNot, Distilled, Seer, etc.). That was key to our success.