Marketing Panera’s Lobster Sandwich a Tough Task!

I just have to say that I love Panera Bread. They make customers feel like they are eating healthy even though their Smokehouse Turkey on Focaccia has 860 calories and 39 grams of fat. I give full credit to Panera’s marketing department. Way to go guys.

Over the weekend, I was welcomed to Panera by a giant sign that read, “It’s back.” Below the text, there was a picture of “The Lobster Sandwich.”My initial reaction was, “hmm, I never knew it was gone in the first place.”

I proceeded to order my “You Pick Two” combination of french onion soup and a tuna fish sandwich (which I’m sure has well over 1,000 calories). As I glanced at the menu, I squinted in disbelief at the item listed at the top of the food options. “The Lobster Sandwich” was available for a hefty price of $16.99!

Red Lobster happened to be in the same strip mall as the Panera. After doing in-depth research on my iPhone, I found it hard to believe that Panera customers would shell out $17.00 for “The Lobster Sandwich” when they could go to Red Lobster and create the perfect four-course seafood feast for just $14.99!

At this very moment I started to wonder several things:

  • Why the hell is Panera offering lobster?
  • Why would someone spend $17 for any item on their menu?
  • If they already had “The Lobster Sandwich” once before and got rid of it, why did they bring it back?

By no means am I a seafood expert or a foodie. I’m well aware that lobster is an expensive shellfish. I can guarantee one thing; whoever had the idea of offering “The Lobster Sandwich” at Panera for $17 must have made life miserable for those trying to market this menu item.

Jason Parks is the Owner  of The Media Captain

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