Mad Men: Old School Advertising at its Finest

Don Draper is the lead role in ‘Mad Men.’

After a good friend of mine heard my constant rambling about various marketing and advertising stories, he informed me about the show ‘Mad Men’ on AMC and told me that, “I’d be addicted.”

Let’s just say my buddy made a hell of a sales pitch. I’ve literally been obsessed with the 1960s based show that takes place at an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. If I could go back in time, working at Sterling & Cooper would be my dream job.

The storylines in the show are fantastic and each episode has the viewer craving for more minuscule details. The media and marketing element of the series is a major point of interest for me. Many brands that were popular fifty years ago are still fashionable today. Seeing the shift in branding trends as well as societal changes is fascinating (back then, they’d never seen spray deodorant).

While various products and brands are featured on the show, there is a mysterious element of intrigue due to the fact that AMC won’t announce which companies have shelled out money for product placement. Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, has commented that they have only three-paid product placements in Mad Men’s first four seasons.

Utz Potato Chips, Cross Pens, Maidenform, Gillette, American Airlines, London Fog, Stolichnaya, Honda, Heineken and Mountain Dew have all been either a client or prospective client of the advertising agency, Sterling & Cooper, that’s featured on the show.

I’m confident I could go 2/3 if I were to guess which brands paid for product placement. My suggestion? Watch ‘Mad Men’ and try to figure it out for yourself!

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain