Importance of Working with a Local Digital Agency


The Media Captain was born in 2010. Jason Parks, the Owner of the Agency, started the company out of his Columbus apartment with his sister, Stefanie Parks. They understand what it’s like to start a business in Columbus from the ground up.

They’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, from small and medium to enterprise accounts so they know the tactics needed to positively impact business with digital and development. They know the importance of building a team that’s local. They know that local matters. 

Both Jason and Stefanie grew up in Columbus (they graduated from Gahanna Lincoln). They know the city well and have always valued local client relationships. As the city of Columbus has grown, The Media Captain takes great pride in simultaneously helping businesses grow through digital marketing and website development.

Jason and his sister Stefanie checking out new inventory from a client!

Fast forward a decade. As The Media Captain has matured and turned into a Top 1% Agency in the U.S., Columbus is still a core foundational component to our agency. Our staff is based in Downtown Columbus. 70% of the clients we work with are either based in Columbus or have a business presence in Central Ohio.

Not only does our team call Columbus home, most of our associates grew up in Columbus or somewhere else in Ohio. We’ve been living in Columbus for quite some time and know the lay of the land. Why is this important for your digital or development campaigns? Continue reading as we list out the reasons below.

We recommend during an intro call to ask us about our favorite restaurant, dive bar and ice cream (Jeni’s versus Graeter’s) or discuss the local sports scene.

When you work with The Media Captain, you will build a trusted partner in development and digital marketing

Why is it important to work with a local digital or development agency? Below are valuable reasons we’ve found it good to keep it local with your agency:

    • We love meeting with clients in-person. Call us old fashioned but we value putting a name to a face. When you actually meet someone in-person, you build a rapport and a relationship with them, which we greatly value. We’ve been working with numerous clients for 10+ years now. While results and return on investment matter, so do the relationships we build. Even after the intro and kick-off meeting, which we prefer to do in-person with our Columbus clients, we’ll meet in-person to review performance, go over important upcoming initiatives and view new product launches (to name a few).
    • When it comes to local SEO, it’s important to know whether your business is driving business from a suburb, citywide or statewide [read more about local strategy]. We know all of the suburbs extremely well based on growing up here along with the hundreds of client accounts we’ve worked on. For example, when we do SEO work for an apartment in Lewis Center, we know we have to target the Polaris area. This local knowledge carries over not only for SEO and PPC but also social media marketing [view our suite of services].
    • We take great pride in our reputation. Even though Columbus is a top 15 market in the United States (and continues to grow), it has a small town feel to it. If you do a shoddy job on your work, others will hear about it. When you work with a reputable local agency, you know they care about the job they do and take great pride in delivering results for their clients.
    • When we go to a clients office and meet with their team and get to see the products they sell or learn more about the services they offer, it helps us better understand the business. This knowledge is invaluable when running a social media campaign when we are tasked with coming up with good creative for an advertising campaign. It’s helpful to write better advertising copy for PPC. It helps us formulate good blog topics and come up with solid keywords for SEO and SEM.
    • Since our agency has worked on hundred of client campaigns with Columbus businesses across all industries and verticals, we have the intel to know what works and what doesn’t work. While each client has a unique strategy, there’s been so much data and insight from our current client roster along with past campaign history, which we can use for each client. This can help streamline results for a client.

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