Hurricane Sandy is Coming… Or Is It?

It’s 9:46am on Monday and I’ve been waiting for Hurricane Sandy to take the East Coast by storm (literally) since about this time yesterday. My Sunday plans were carefully made based on being able to return home safely and easily in case the storm struck early. I made sure to stay close to home, be back before the subways shut down at 7pm, and even watched Sunday football at my apartment instead of at the bar in fear of getting caught in the storm. Then, last night I filled up all of my extra water bottles, made extra food, took out my flashlight, shut all my windows, and even closed all of the blinds and curtains thinking that if it got really bad in the middle of the night, that might stop the shattering glass from flying into my apartment (a little dramatic, I suppose).

Well, as I said, it’s 9:46 am (well 9:50 after writing that first paragraph), and it’s a little windy outside, but other than that, I haven’t seen any signs of this supposed perfect/complete storm that’s supposed to be headed my way. They say we’ll be in the thick of it by around 2pm today, and until then, all of New York (and the East Coast) is just waiting. The subway’s shut down, the schools are shut down, office buildings are shut down, and even the stock exchange is shut down.

So what do I think will happen? It’s hard to say. All of the experts are saying that Sandy’s path is set.  It’s headed here and we need to be ready. People have been forced to evacuate their homes. People I know, in fact. But all I can say is that in looking out my window now, it’s hard to believe that the worst storm in NY’s history is headed our way. I guess I’ll keep you posted.

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