How We Used Online Marketing to Get in on the LeBron 2.0 Decision!

Since LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat to become a free agent, the social media world has been abuzz with rumors and speculation. Will he be coming back to Cleveland or staying in South Beach?

Trending topics worldwide on Twitter such as #LeBronWatch2014 have been created as sports fans have been glued to their social platforms to see if they can get any scoop from basketball insiders.

While I knew that I wouldn’t get the first word on whether LeBron would come back to Cleveland, I figured I could use my digital marketing skills to get in on the fun!

My team ran an advertising campaign for The Media Captain on Facebook on the evening of July 10th, when many were expecting LeBron to announce his return to the Cavs. Our ultimate goal was to accomplish the following:

  • Dramatically boost web traffic to our website
  • Increase the amount of email addresses in our database
  • Garner tremendous social interaction
  • Be able to use our re-marketing advertisements to all of the new web traffic

How exactly would we accomplish this? We would use the following “Welcome Back to Cleveland LeBron” graphic below to lure people to upload a photograph of them through Instagram and our graphic designer would then Photoshop their image.

For the ad campaign we targeted the city of Cleveland and people who had the precise interest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. We knew that this pinpoint targeting would hit the exact audience that would want to partake in uploading their photograph.

When people clicked on the advertisement to upload their photograph, it brought them to an application built on The Media Captain’s website. By driving them to our website, we were able to increase our web traffic, raise brand awareness and most importantly, since we have a tracking pixel on our website, remarket to the hundreds of people who visited our website via our display ads!

We only allocated a budget of $30 for this ad campaign. The results?

  • 5.2% increase in email addresses captured for our database
  • 456% increase in average daily traffic
    • Record web traffic in a single day in 2014 to our website!
  • 5,685 Social Impressions
Notice the spike on the far right!

As a digital marketing agency based in Ohio, we truly hope LeBron comes back to Cleveland! While most fans have been aggravated with his long awaited decision, we enjoyed using his indecisiveness to our websites benefit!

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Digital Marketing Agency.






Here are some examples of people that uploaded a photo of themselves.