How We Generated a Legitimate Social Media Lead for JUST $15!

I have an abnormal habit of waking up early. I typically get my day started between 6:15-6:30 AM without the assistance of an alarm clock. To say I’m an early riser is an understatement.

Last Friday, I woke up early thinking about The Media Captain’s Facebook page. I wanted to generate a lead for my business with an extremely limited budget through social media.

My first thought was to offer a free social media consulting session for a business. One lesson I’ve learned is that people love talking about their business and crave free advice. By making a Facebook post about a free social media consulting session, I was confident that I’d hit my target audience (business owners who have a social media presence).

I invested $15.00 into a promoted Facebook post that would target people who “Like” The Media Captain’s page as well as their friends. This had an estimated reach of 394,879 people. Of course, I had a strategy in mind to capture leads. I created a custom tab on my Facebook page where people could enter their contact information, including their website URL, if they were interested in the free consulting session. Additionally, I filmed a short video talking about the consulting session so that browsers could make a personal connection with The Media Captain. I figured that this video would increase the click through percentage for my advertisement.

This was the post that was made on TMC’s FB Page!

The result? A company in California that is looking to increase their social media/online presence entered all of their information on the custom contact form. By combining social media, digital video and online advertising, I was able to generate a legitimate lead for just $15!

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain. If you are looking to generate leads through social media, contact TMC TODAY!