How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

Did you know that if your podcast gets downloaded more than 26 times per episode, you’re in the top 50% percentile in terms of listeners? [source].

In order to become an elite podcaster, you can’t just record a podcast, you have to be able to promote it. I’m going to teach you how to better market your podcast on key social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Average amount of downloads on podcast

The Issue With Sharing Your Podcast on Social Media

Too often, someone records a podcast and pushes it to the App Store or Spotify through software like The podcaster is excited for the world to hear their amazing insight and expertise. 24-hours after publishing their podcast, they feel dejected when they realize there were only a handful of listeners. Most people overlook the promotional component of recording a podcast.

There’s more to it than just recording episodes and releasing them – you need to have an active podcast marketing strategy in place, otherwise, nobody will hear your audio content.

Growth of Podcasts

Podcasts have already solidified themselves in the mainstream so when it comes to your podcast marketing strategy it is important that you stand out. Oberlo has compiled a list of podcast statistics and it is estimated that there are currently around 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million total episodes. These numbers prove the overall reach of podcasts and the importance of properly promoting your podcast on social media, but at the same time highlights the saturation that makes promoting troublesome.


According to Statista, podcast ad spending is estimated to top $2.7 billion by the year 2025 so there is no better time to start growing your podcast audience. Keep reading for more information on how to successfully market your podcast on social media, and examples of how some of the most popular podcasts market themselves today.

future-podcasting-advertising-spendHow to Share Your Podcast on Social Media 

Understanding Your Audience

The most important step in promoting your podcast on social media is understanding your audience. If you don’t understand what your audience likes then it can be difficult to decide what photos and videos you should leverage in your marketing strategy.
If you own a business and podcast on what it’s like to be involved in a family business, LinkedIn could be the best channel for you to promote your podcast, since this is a B2B channel. If you are podcasting on being a single parent, Facebook would be a great platform as there are a lot of parents on this social network.


Hone in on the channels that will resonate the most with your podcast topic. This could be multiple channels but this is a great first step prior to executing your social media marketing strategy for your podcast.

Creating Content

You need to be promoting both upcoming and past released episodes to keep your social media followers engaged. This involves a little more than just reposting the podcast itself, but overall it’s a pretty simple process that everyone can achieve with minimal specialized skills.

When posting your podcast to social media your main objective is to grab your follower’s attention by showing them things they want to listen to. This can be anything from a video clip of a key moment in the podcast to a thumbnail-style photo highlighting the episode’s guest and topic. Below I am going to cover specific examples of popular podcasts practicing effective social media promotion.


With nearly a million active podcasts available for download the need to stand out is ever-growing. The good news is most people overlook social media marketing to promote their podcasts. Today I am going to cover some of the most popular podcasts available and show you how they promote their pods through various social media platforms.

Promoting Podcast on Instagram

Spittin’ Chiclets is the number one hockey podcast in the world and a top 15 sports podcast. Not bad for a niche sport! The Chiclets crew does a great job promoting their podcast on social media. They are fortunate that they have two former NHL players on the podcast in Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonette, which leads to strong distribution from their strong following.
These guys are a prime example of a podcast that does a great job of promoting themselves through multiple social media platforms, but today I am going to be focusing on their Instagram.

How Spitting Chiclets Promotes Their Podcast with Strong Imagery
Spittin Chiclets Instagram Promotion of Podcast


Above is an example of two thumbnail-style images they created to promote an episode. This simple picture does everything you want an effective Instagram post to do. It has very little information listed, but it covers their big-name guests, something hockey fans will immediately become interested in.


HERE is an example where the Chiclets crew does a great job taking a short video recording from the podcast and turning it into a clip that can be used for Instagram distribution. You’ll notice they include captions on the video so it’s easy to read if the audio is turned off on your phone.

An Instagram video to promote a podcast is similar to a movie trailer. The clip shows one of the most controversial or cliff-hanging clips to lure the viewer to come back for more. When promoting the podcast via video, you’ll notice they frequently include a link to their bio where the full episode can be viewed.


If you purchase a Joby Tripod, you can easily record your podcast on your Smartphone. Another good trick is to record clips before or after the podcast if you don’t want to video record your entire podcast. You can strategically come up with video clips made for social media. Here is a clip Spittin Chiclets used to promote episode #331 after it had been recorded, which we loved!

Recording Short Video Clips on Instagram to Promote Podcast

Promoting Podcast on Twitter

Twitter is another effective platform to promote your podcast on. Comedy podcast The King and The Sting does a great job at promoting on Twitter and manages to remain popular with little to no promotion on other platforms. That said, you should promote your podcast on any platform that you have a following that has an interest in your topic. Below I am going to highlight their promotion strategy based on a past episode. 

Below is a behind-the-scenes clip that was posted during the recording of the episode. This clip is only 14 seconds long but it showcases their guest and gets their listeners interested before the episode is released. Behind the scenes clips are authentic and make you want to be a part of the conversation. only 14 seconds long but it showcases their guest and gets their listeners interested before the episode is released. Behind the scenes clips are authentic and make you want to be a part of the conversation.

Promoting Behind the Scenes of a Podcast for Social Promotion

The next promotion highlighted below was a thumbnail-style image like those mentioned above. They released this the day that the episode was planned to release as a way to create a buzz and remind their listeners that tonight is the night. If you want to create thumbnail images and don’t have a graphic design background, you can use affordable software like Adobe Spark or Canva to size them perfectly and make them look professional based on the channel you’ll be promoting it on,

Create Customized Instagram Graphics to Promote PodcastThe following few days after the release they post a single funny video clip from the episode each day as a way to try and draw in their remaining fans that haven’t seen the episode and to draw a bigger audience for future episodes.

Short Snippets of Video is Gold for Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

Don’t Forget About Advertising

If you don’t have a large social media following, don’t worry. You can still follow the content strategies referenced above and then advertise your podcast to a large audience. Social Media advertising and YouTube advertising are great ways to promote your podcast to your target audience for a low price point. If you need assistance in online advertising, you can contact The Media Captain!

Tools to Leverage

It is important to leverage outside tools when promoting podcasts – below are some of the most popular. There are quite a few tools out there that can be used to help create a smooth transition from the social media post to the actual podcast itself.


LinkTree serves as a way to showcase all of your podcast episodes in a single place with an easy to share link. Using this tool provides you with a link that you can put in all of your social media bios and future episode promotion posts. Here at The Media Captain, we use LinkTree to collectively showcase all of our podcast episodes which can be found here. is a tool by major podcast host Spotify. Anchor allows you to record, edit, publish and distribute your podcast to multiple platforms from one easy-to-use interface. They do not have a hosting limit meaning you can publish as many episodes as you want on their website. Our episodes listed on LinkTree go directly to our podcasts which are hosted on


Wavve is an essential tool for creating those post-production promotion posts mentioned earlier. It allows you to create a thumbnail image accompanied by an audio excerpt of whatever episode you are trying to promote. I highly recommend using Wavee as it allows you to create effective promotional materials with an easy-to-use interface.

Social Media Strategy for Podcast

Podcasting is the fastest growing media medium and is key when it comes to successfully promoting yourself and your brand. Simply making a podcast isn’t enough though – you have to be able to promote it through social media before, during, and after the episode is released. The main objective when it comes to podcast promotion posts is to get your followers engaged and interested by highlighting your episode’s special guests, topics, and after release, clips. For more information on social media marketing check out our podcast here.

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