How to increase my conversion rate with a good landing page

“If you build it, they will come,” said no online marketer ever. Having a good website is just the start. Without the right marketing effort, your website is one of many millions of sites on the internet sphere sinking into oblivion.

You’ll feel like you’re getting pulled into many directions when it comes to your online marketing endeavor. There’s SEO, social media, PPC, some other buzzword, and last but not least, landing pages.

Why do you need a landing page?

Actually, the real question is, why do you need a good landing page? You need it because it provides a focus for your sales funnel. Your visitors are a culmination of all your marketing techniques – SEO, social media, paid advertising, email campaigns, etc. An awesome landing page will capture these visitors and turn mere prospects into buyers, subscribers, or whatever else you want them to be.

According to Econsultancy, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate. A marketing solutions company increased its lead rate by 144% by strategically using PPC ad keywords on its landing pages, increasing relevancy between ads and landing pages.

A solid landing page has the potential to dramatically increase your conversion rate percentage. It is shocking to our digital marketing agency how many businesses will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on PPC advertising yet they send the user to their homepage or a services type of page with no strong call to action.

Stop wasting money on your online marketing efforts. Take the time to invest in high quality-landing pages, which will result in more contact forms, sales or phone calls for your business.

How to create a good landing page

Think of your buying experience online. Many landing pages are mediocre, if not barely functional. At the worst, they read like flashy sales pages and you are instantly turned off by them. A good landing page has several components:

A quick and obvious USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – You don’t ho and hum when it comes to telling your visitors what value your product or service provides.

– Image or graphic that grabs attention – A picture is really worth a thousand words in this case, as it communicates ideas faster than text. You know internet visitors; they don’t like to read.

– An obvious Call-to-Action – It should be focused. No visitor should ever wonder what they should do next.

– Benefits, not features – It’s not about what you sell (or do), but how it makes your visitors’ lives better.

– Social endorsement – People generally crave social proof, which is why testimonials and endorsement are so powerful.

The list is a bit formulaic, but it’s known to work. A good landing page is the bread and butter of conversion principles. Additionally, you will find out a lot about your marketing messages while being able to optimize campaigns by conducting A vs. B tests via landing pages.