How Online PR Can Impact SEO

In 2011, Forbes came out with an article titled, “PR is Dead.” If you actually read the content within the piece, it talks about the future being bright for PR from a digital marketing perspective.

When it comes to search engine optimization, implementing a PR strategy is crucial nowadays with Google’s constantly changing algorithm. You might not have known that in addition to the exposure that you’ll receive from great PR, the backlink to your website can actually be even more valuable SEO perspective!

Google now values fewer, higher quality links opposed to a mass quantity of low quality links.

If you are in the PR industry, it is a no brainer that you should start touting that you can help a website with its SEO presence! Learn the six ways online PR can impact SEO and start increasing revenue for your PR agency!

  1. Backlinks – Google values high quality backlinks pointing towards your website. Long gone are the days of black hat tactics, you will now have to strategically reach out to high page-ranking sites. When your website gets a mention on a highly authoritative website discussing your expertise, this will boost your overall page rank. Over time, if you obtain consistent high quality links, you’ll see your page rank improve.
  2. Strategy – In order to obtain backlinks, you must invest time in an outreach strategy. If you reach out to at least 10 websites per day that you can contribute high quality content that would be useful for their site, you’ll hear back from at least one of them! It is just a law of averages. Remember, if you have an idea for an article that would help a website, you’ll be more likely to hear back from them.
  3. Research – Make sure the websites that you are reaching out are high quality sites. If you have a dental practice in Dayton, focusing on websites pertaining to the dental industry and health sector will be the best fit for your digital PR strategy. Make sure you are reaching out to relevant websites that pertain to your line of work. websites in a similar field. A great resource is checking the domain authority associated with the websites that you are reaching out to. A good rule of thumb, if the domain authority is above 20, the backlink is solid. If it above 40, consider this backlink a huge asset that is pointing back to your site!
  4. Quality Content – After reading the first three steps, you are now aware of the value of high quality backlinks and the necessary steps on how to make the proper pitch to relatable sites. Now you need to make sure that you invest in quality content writing! The content should be fresh and unique (part of Google’s standards). Quality content does require a time investment, but if you dedicate some time before or after work or on the weekends, you will be able to accomplish this without hiring an outsider. Ask yourself, “will people share my article on social media?” If the answer is no, don’t bother writing it.
  5. Connections – If you have connections within your own industry, why not utilize them from a PR perspective? Let’s stick with the dental example. If you know other dentists from your college of dentistry or have a friend in the same industry, ask them if can contribute article content onto their website. You will be in shock how many friends and colleagues would be more than happy to accept your articles. They will actually be looking forward to posting it on their site so they can have fresh content! Utilizing connections can help expedite your PR/SEO strategy quicker.
  6. Tracking – Everyone should be tracking his or her digital marketing efforts. Within an excel document, start documenting all of your pitches and keeping track of the successful and unsuccessful outreaches. Don’t forget to track your rank on Google and various other search engines to determine whether or not you are seeing an increase in search engine ranking position and continuously check Google Analytics to see if referral traffic to your website has increased.Public relations is not a lost skill-set. Follow these 6 steps to implement a digital PR strategy and you will start to see your content all over the web, which in turn will boost your sites web traffic, get more links back to your site and improve your SEO.