How many photos should I post on Instagram per day?

Before we get into the juicy content on how many photos you should post per day on Instagram, you’ve likely pondered one of the following questions:

  • Are you posting photos too often or too infrequently on Instagram?
  • Do you get annoyed by the amount of times your friends are posting photos?
  • Do you find it difficult to come up with creative photos that make you stand out on Instagram?
  • Do you want to start posting more photos on Instagram stories?
  • Do you want to post more videos onto Instagram?

First off, take a deep breath… There is no right or wrong answer on how many times you should post daily onto Instagram. There are people who thrive posting 3-4 photos per day. Others value quality over quantity and post one photo per week, which works well for them.

On Forbes, Neil Patel, a famous marketer said, “posting frequency is not all that important for your Instagram marketing. Instead, what you should focus on is consistency. Whether you post once or twenty times per day, do your best to maintain that same cadence.”

I own a marketing agency, The Media Captain and I make a post per day on IG from our company account. My goal is to grow my following and provide valuable content to help other entrepreneurs grow their business (PS – Follow me on Instagram for more marketing tips!) I know there are a lot of people reading this article that don’t have a business and want to generate 100 likes per photo instead of 20. Regardless of what bucket you fall into, I have tips and tricks that will help you thrive on Instagram.

Before reading more, ask yourself the question… What do I want to accomplish on Instagram?

Every person has different goals and objectives. Most likely, you fall into one of the following buckets:

  • You are a social butterfly and want to generate more interaction and followers to grow your ‘”social awareness”
  • You are not a social butterfly and are annoyed by friends posting photos too frequently (or inappropriately)
  • You are a business looking to generate sales and followers on Instagram
  • You are posting photos but are struggling to garner interaction
  • You struggle coming up with content and ideas for Instagram
  • You are trying to learn and improve on Instagram!
  • You feel like you are over-posting on Instagram
  • You feel like you’re missing the party and under-posting on Instagram.

Social media is an important part of our everyday lives. Don’t believe me? The statistics below speak for themselves.

  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day
  • Six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts
  • There are over 600 million Instagrammers
  • There are 16,600,000 Google searches for “instagram” per month
  • There are 15 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles
  • 70.7% of U.S. companies will use Instagram for marketing, edging out Twitter
  • 100 million users use the “stories” feature daily

If you want to elevate your Instagram game, I recommend jotting down these 8 tips.

#1 Don’t Overthink It 
Remember, Instagram is a social media channel meant for sharing photos. If you want to succeed on Instagram, you need to take pictures. The better quality your pictures are, the more successful you’ll be. According to Business Insider, people will take 1.2 trillion digital photos this year. People will take a hundred billion more photos in 2017 than they did in 2016. Don’t overthink the process of taking pictures. Just snap away, post your photos and see which ones perform the best (more on this in step number 3)

              Take more pictures! Frequency is king.

#2 Overcome The Bully
A lot of times, people are nervous to post on Instagram because they fear the 3-4 people who will be most critical of the content they share. Whether it’s an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, a close friend who is critical and judgemental or a colleague at work, people hold back because of those 3-4 people. My advice, if someone is going to be critical of the content you share, they can find another friend!

If you are making political, controversial or offensive posts, you should be cautious of the content you share. If you ask yourself the question, “can this offend more than 5 people?” and the answer is yes, you might want to get a second opinion before making the Instagram post.

                             Don’t worry about the bullies!

#3 Analyze Performance
If you are wondering what type of Instagram content you should post, just go back through your last 15 posts and jot down the posts that performed the best and the worst. You’ll likely find a common theme in the top performing posts along with the low performers. You can double down on this type of content to garner more interaction and grow your following!

Since most of @themediacaptain’s Instagram followers are business owners and entrepreneurs, I noticed that authentic photos in an office environment perform the best, so I started to focus more on this type of content.

#4 Utilize hashtags
Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without. A great way to grow your following is by utilizing hashtags in your posts.

My buddy @BuckeyeCitySole grew his Instagram account to over 105k followers strictly by utilizing hashtags. He found a niche with Jordan sneakers, found the most popular hashtags and saw his account grow organically.

#5 Find a Niche
@BuckeyeCitySole found a niche by posting Jordan sneakers, which led to his success. What is your niche? Is it your family? Your friends? Your hometown pride? Is it skateboarding? Find different “themes” for your Instagram account and double down on this content. If you utilize your hashtags successfully, you can drastically grow your following by honing in on this content.

                                         Find Your Niche

#6 Consistency

Neil Patel stated it best when he mentioned you shouldn’t worry about frequency, you should be more concerned about consistency. If you post 3-times in a day, make sure you follow this path each day of the week. There are also good times to post content and not so good times. Experticity compiled the best times combined with the best days to make posts!

  • Sunday: 5:00 p.m.
  • Monday: 7:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 3:00 a.m. & 10:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday: 7:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 1:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 12:00 a.m. & 2:00 a.m.
              Find the right time to post photos onto Instagram!

#7 Instagram Stories
Your story is a way of sharing photos and videos with your followers that disappear after 24 hours. Posting stories is a great way to gain more exposure without having to worry about your picture staying on Instagram for eternity. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram Stories, read these great guidelines HERE.

An Instagram story video can be anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds long. If you have a story to tell, I recommend posting 3-4 stories per day, to keep your audience engaged.

Going back to the skateboarder example, he or she could execute perfectly on Instagram if he posted a picture of his board for all to see and then in his stories, he showed 3-4 different attempts of him trying to attempt a laser flip.

#8 Record more videos
Video is rapidly growing on Instagram. Don’t take my word for it. See the statistics below and then start posting some video content!

  • 35% Of Instagram’s 700 Million Users Are Creating And Viewing Videos Via Stories.
  • 90-100% More Instagram Videos Are Posted By Top Publishers
  • 3X As Many Comments Are Garnered By Sponsored Instagram Videos Than Sponsored Instagram Photos

To make a short story long

I could have provided you with a baseline number of posts to make per day on Instagram. This was not the point of this article.

I wanted to convey the fact that when it comes to Instagram, everyone is different and unique. There is no defined strategy for you or your business.

Now start taking more pictures, closely analyze your performance and enjoy this great social network!