How Did We Come Up With Our Company Name?

One of the most common questions that our agency receives is how we came up with our name, The Media Captain. A captain is viewed as a leader and we view our company as a trendsetter when it comes to digital marketing. CEO Blog Nation recently wrote an article on how different businesses came up with their brand name. The Media Captain was featured in the piece in the #9 spot.

Ashley Poulter, the CEO of CEO Blog Nation, who wrote the piece, provides great insight into how different businesses across various industries came up with their company name. We highly recommend reading the article!

The quote below was a quote from Jason Parks, Owner of The Media Captain, which came directly from the CEO Blog Nation article. 

“In the marketing field, often times the names of companies are either confusing or dull. When we brainstormed for our brand name, we wanted something that would stick with people after they met our agency for the first time. Since we handle all things media related and the online landscape is constantly changing, we didn’t want to get married to something related just to social media or SEO. A captain is viewed as a leader and we pride ourselves on being a trendsetter when it comes to everything related to online marketing. We obviously had to make sure that the domain name was available and no other businesses were using the name The Media Captain. After we were able to snag the domain name, it was a no brainer that The Media Captain was going to be the name of our agency moving forward.”

The video below on The Media Captain also provides insight into how we selected our company name, The Media Captain!