Hotels: Likes and Dislikes


The Media Captain travels a lot. Ok, a lot is an understatement. This summer especially, we’ve been on the road what seems like every week. That’s a lot of airports, a lot of checked luggage, a lot of fast-food pit stops, and especially, a lot of hotels. So many hotels, in fact, that we have devised a list of hotel “Likes” and “Dislikes” so specific, we’re sure that you may have never even thought of some of them.



  • Free continental breakfast: Ok, we’re starting with an easy one. I mean who doesn’t like free breakfast? But we’re not talking muffins, coffee, and a few choices of cold cereal. We’re talking eggs. We’re talking sausage. We’re talking potatoes. There’s nothing like waking up and having a hot breakfast… for free. And yes, we’re a sucker for those fluffy breakfast buffet scrambled eggs.
  • Coffee served throughout the day: We not only spend a lot of time sleeping in hotels, we also spend a lot of time in hotel conference rooms. Pretty much all hotels serve coffee in the morning (whether there is a free breakfast or not), but being able to get it all throughout the day is a real treat.
  • Outlets located on the nightstand lamps: Yay! We can plug our phone in AND keep it next to us while we sleep. Our life is complete.
  • A place to buy snacks: Ok, I guess we’ll take a vending machine, but what we’re really talking about here is a little snack area in the lobby where we can buy a bag of chips, maybe some candy, a soda, or even in the best of snack areas, maybe even a lean cuisine or frozen pizza (these, of course, also require that you provide us with a microwave).
  • Free WiFi: Every hotel should have WiFi and no hotel should charge for it. Enough said.
  • Good Cosmetics: It’s always a treat to walk into a hotel room and see a good brand of shampoo or a body lotion that you really like waiting for you in the bathroom.
  • Delivery menus at the front desk: Whether we don’t have time to run out for lunch, or our hotel happens to be located in the middle of nowhere, we love good suggestions for food delivery, or better yet, a stack of menus from places that will deliver right to our conference room. Yes, we love Jimmy Johns and Subway, but four days in a row is just too much.


  • How cold the bathrooms are in hotel lobbies: You may not have noticed this one before, but you will now. Every time you walk into a bathroom in a hotel lobby, it is at least ten degrees colder than the rest of the hotel. The same goes for bathrooms in restaurants. We don’t get it.
  • Lack of outlets in hotel rooms: We’re so happy that there are enough outlets for you to plug in all of your electronics (i.e. TV, telephone, alarm clock), but it’s 2012. We have a lot of things to plug in too. Why don’t you have enough outlets for us? And why are the outlets you do have either in the bathroom or behind the biggest and heaviest piece of furniture in the room?
  • For the most part, you can always count on hotels to provide you with shampoo and conditioner. But why not toothpaste? We’ll take toothpaste over conditioner any day. Our hair is already silky smooth, thank you very much.
  • When hotels have one treadmill and one elliptical and say they have a gym. No, that is not a gym… and even though you put a mirror in front of them to make it look like you have 2 treadmills and 2 ellipticals, we’ll figure it out soon enough. Give us a bike. Give us some weights. Then and only then can you call what you have a gym.
  • White hotel towels: Why are hotel towels always white? We don’t get it and we don’t like it.
  • Hair: This is the worst of the worst. Have you ever seen a piece of hair in the shower or sink or bed before you’ve even used it? That is just the grossest thing ever. Ew.

Stefanie Parks is the Vice President of The Media Captain.
The Media Captain is a Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing Company in Columbus, Ohio and New York, New York.