Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for Beginners

Most businesses don’t have the proper conversion tracking in place within Adwords. This means that most businesses aren’t able to properly track their return on advertising spend, which is problematic.

Below are the four primary types of conversions that we recommend all of our clients having intact within their Adwords campaigns. This can vary based on whether or not you are e-commerce (where you are tracking sales and revenue) versus B2B where you are tracking contact form conversions.

  • Contact Form Conversion
    • A conversion should take place when someone fills out a contact form on your website as this is classified as a lead.
  • E-Commerce Conversion/Order Confirmation
    • A conversion that takes place after someone makes a purchase on your e-commerce website.
      • You’ll want to make sure you have e-commerce tracking set-up within Google Analytics and then import your Analytics goals into Adwords. The beauty of e-commerce tracking is you can measure the exact dollar amount of a conversion.
  • Click to Call Conversion
    • A conversion that happens when someone clicks on the “call” button directly from the advertisement. Google classifies this as “Calls from Ads.” Below is an image that shows you what this looks like on mobile.



  • Website Click to Call Conversion
    • A conversion that happens when someone clicks on an advertisement, visits your website and makes a phone call on your site.
      • This is the most complicated conversion to track as you’ll need to place a DNI script on your website. You can reach out to our development team to do this in less than 30-minutes or read more instructions HERE.
        • Google offers free dynamic numbers. If you want to maintain ownership of your DNI number and have more detailed information, such as audio recording of the phone calls and the caller ID’s associated with each call, we recommend utilizing CallRail.

It’s Not That Easy

Conversion tracking can get more complicated. For example, if someone fills out a job application on your website, this shouldn’t count as a conversion within Adwords, unless you are running a recruitment advertisement. If there is a phone call that takes place that only lasts 5 seconds, this shouldn’t count as a conversion because it most likely isn’t a quality call. We recommend to our clients that only phone calls over 30 seconds should be tracked as a conversion.

It is imperative for your business to define what is classified as a conversion and what isn’t and set this up properly with Adwords. Otherwise, you will be wasting valuable advertising dollars as you are not 100% certain on your conversion tracking.