Get Inspired With Your Brand

In today’s digital age, businesses tend to underestimate the creative component involved in an advertising campaign or new website. They can overlook the importance of incorporating a brand personality into their marketing efforts.

If you launch a social advertising promotion and use lackluster photography, your relevance score will drop, which results in a higher cost per click/cost per impression. When it comes to pay per click advertising on Google, if you don’t have compelling ad copy that stands out versus the competition along with a killer landing page, your quality score will be reduced, which means a higher cost per click and ultimately lower conversion rate percentages.

Even if you are utilizing the most skilled web developer to build your site, if he/she doesn’t have compelling graphics or imagery, the site will feel bland.

Jef Richards, a marketing professor at Michigan State University stated it best. “Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’”

During a recent visit to Miami, my girlfriend recommended we go to The Wynwood Arts District, which brings some of the world’s greatest graffiti artists to just off of the beaten path from downtown Miami.

Since I work in the advertising and marketing industry, I was interested to observe what pieces of graffiti captured the attention of tourists, families and locals. In a striking similarity to an effective advertisement, the graffiti murals that had unique personality would generate the most attention.

Below are the graffiti murals that captured my attention. Ask yourself what your business is doing to stand out to create a brand personality with its marketing efforts.

Picture #1: Money Bags
Picture #2: Time is Money
Picture #3: Girl on Colorful Wall
Picture #4: Bike & Fans