Five Online Video Tips – Why Your Business Should Invest in Videos!

Before the Internet exploded, there was a time when television commercials were a rich form of media that not all companies could afford. As the web took off, businesses have been able to express themselves with various forms of content that were not always available at their fingertips in the past.

As the saying goes, a picture says 1,000 words. If that’s the case, how many words does a video say? A well-crafted video for your business can separate a company from its competitors. It adds personality to your business when visitors are searching for your web site or browsing the Internet.

There’s a reason why 95% of fortune 500 companies have invested in video advertising since 1995. This form of promotion has been extremely effective in helping brands grow while conveying their message to the masses.

The problem for many smaller to midsize businesses is that they either think that videos are too expensive, or they have tried an online video and haven’t seen the ROI that they were hoping for.

Below are five tips that will ensure proper exposure for your online video:

  • Put advertising dollars into your video. This will result in more views and clicks to your website. A small budget can result in thousands of views for your video!
  • Properly embed the video on your website. Common sense would tell you to put the video on your homepage. Test the video out on various pages and you should see this result in a longer retention rate on each specific page (or more leads).
  • A quality production is a key element. Make sure you use a tripod and professional editing software. You’ll also want to be equipped with proper lighting and audio. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself, look for a video production or online marketing company! (Shameless self promotion)
  • Be creative with your video idea and have fun! The more memorable your video campaign is, the more people will remember your business!
  • Focus on Keywords after uploading your video. YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine. If you properly optimize your video, look for it to appear high on the Google search!

If your business is looking to experiment with a new, creative way of marketing, look no further than online videos! Whether big or small, videos can be for all (:

The Media Captain is a Corporate Video Production and Online Marketing Company Based Out of Columbus, Ohio and New York City, New York.