Facebook Fever

I opened my Facebook account before my freshman year of college (summer 2005). I walked into my freshman dorm, and then my first college party feeling pretty popular, as I had already made several friends via this new social networking site. Everywhere I went, I seemed to hear people saying “hey, I know you from Facebook!” As creepy as that is, and as much as I hate to admit that I used the phrase myself (more than just a few times) to strike up a conversation, the fact that whole groups of friends were formed before any in-person contact was made is also pretty amazing.

I was never into MySpace, so Facebook was my first real experience with social media. I must say that it was great timing for me, too. Facebook enabled me to not only make friends at a school where I was going in knowing no one, but it also helped me follow my friends from home through their college experiences. I knew what they were doing, who their new friends were, and really never felt like I was behind or out of the loop.

For my first semester, or even my first year at school, Facebook was exciting. I was always learning something new about how to use the site and was always coming across new features that were “like the best thing ever!” Now, Facebook is just part of my routine. Wake up, brush my teeth, make coffee, check Facebook. Sitting on the train? Check Facebook. Waiting on line? Check Facebook. Starting school, Facebook was great for making new friends; Now, I use it more for keeping up with the old ones. These days, pictures of babies are posted before they’re even born. I’ve felt as though I’ve been part of planning weddings that I wasn’t even invited to. I don’t have to go out with my friends to know the new inside jokes from the night before. I can watch my friends grow up before my eyes, without having to ever even see them.

My Facebook timeline starts at age 18. Growing up, I had pictures to help me remember the things that happened in my past. Now, kids have videos, comments, likes, relationship statuses, and soon, the highly anticipated Facebook Timeline. Thanks to Facebook, no memories, good or bad, will be easily forgotten. Since opening my account 6 years ago, Facebook has come a long way; I can’t wait to see where the site takes us in the next 6 years. Not only are new changes and advancements being made to the site daily, it is also changing how we socialize, communicate, and even how we grow up. I grew up with play-dates and birthday parties, 3-way conference calls with my friends during the week and sleepovers on the weekends. I wonder what this generation will remember from their childhoods, and how many of those memories will involve the technology and social media that has begun to consume our lives.

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