Facebook Advertising: The 20% Rule

Facebook has become one of the world’s leading social media sites. Fans across the globe can interact, like, and comment on each other’s statuses. When it comes to advertising, it’s a whole different world. In 2013, Facebook implemented the 20% rule for all of its users’ advertising campaigns. Sounds simple right? Well, it just happens to be more complex, confusing and confined that you would think.

Access Denied!

If you’re a marketer or advertiser, the odds are that you have run into trouble with getting your company’s ad approved on Facebook. This is due to Facebook’s 20% rule, which means that any ad being promoted through their services will need to include no more than 20% text. Facebook wants all of its advertisements to have more focus on the images themselves versus the words on them. On the plus side, it makes the advertisements more personal and easier to recall. The downside is that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for contact information or even basic information explaining the purpose of the ad itself.


Facebook hasn’t developed an official formula or tool to help you sort through your ads to ensure they fit the 20% rule. However, there is an ad checker that you can use to test your images. Click here to check it out. Just upload your images and click on areas that contain text. The grid will help you determine if your ad meets the 20% rule or if you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Designing Your Advertisements (Tips & Tricks)

The best way to design your ads is to make sure that the text on your image is concise and not in sentence form. Use words and phrases, and keep all of your text in one area of your ad. Try using the top left or right corners, or even the bottom corners. In closing, if you have a logo or want to use multiple logos, make sure that they don’t have words on them either, as they too can count as text.