Facebook Advertising Strategy For Just $5

One of the most frustrating feelings for a social media marketer is when they put in a lot of time, effort and creativity into a social media post and it receives hardly any interaction. It is similar emotion to planning for a huge party and nobody showing up, which hopefully you haven’t had to experience first hand.

Did you know that investing $5 per week into your Facebook strategy could turn you into a social superstar? Facebook even admitted that brands that post promotional content “will see a significant decrease in distribution.”

What should be your strategy if your Facebook post is receiving no love on the newsfeed? The answer is simple… Invest $5 per week into your Facebook marketing strategy. The $1 per day average during the business week will turn your social frown upside down.

Our clients have seen a 150% increase in interaction when implementing this strategy. All you have to do is create a Facebook post and promote it through Facebook advertising for $5 to your target demographic. It is essential that you have compelling imagery, a strong call to action and fascinating content to generate good results.

We wanted to share an example with our readers. The Media Captain is located in Columbus and if there is one thing that everyone has in common in the capital city of the Buckeye state it is Ohio State football. If you haven’t heard, the Buckeyes defeated Oregon to win the 2015 National Championship!

Since nearly half of our Facebook followers are from Columbus, we knew that making a post the day of the game that targeted Central Ohio to our fans and their friends that the content would receive solid interaction. Of course, since we are a business, we had to promote the post for $5.00.

We create the following post (see bottom of the blog for image): “NOTE: IF we are late coming into the office tomorrow morning, it is likely because we are celebrating a National Championship.”

By investing just five bucks, we were able to receive 55 “Likes”, which is well above our average. The key to success is making sure that the messaging is relevant while targeting the right demographic.

If you are not generating at least 50 “Likes”, “Shares”, or comments per week on your Facebook page, your strategy needs to change. Investing $5 dollars into promoting your content can make a world of difference.

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