Efficently Measure Your Facebook’s Return on Investment (ROI)

Over a billion users are on Facebook, half a billion on Twitter and over 185 million on LinkedIn. As these numbers continue to grow, what makes a social media site such as Facebook stay interesting and interactive? Numbers are good to look at when comparing how large your “following” rate is coming along, numbers are just the starting point.

If you want to grow a company or just want to promote yourself, you need to know 3 things to get you started on the right path. Network Size, Network Growth Rate and Level of Interaction. All come together to promote the “product” you are trying to sell. Network Size is your total connections, followers, friends and likes. Network Growth rate is the rate at which you are gaining these valuable relationships. The Level of Interaction (e.g. posts, re-tweets, comments and likes) is a great way for you to grow your online presence and network with the social world.

Write relevant and attracting news, blogs and up-dates to keep your network involved and curious. If your posts are not generating the reactions that you expect, your method may not be the best for attention-grabbing information. Your overall experience should be focused around a conversion rate, where your social marketing is based off of how many “sales” or clients you receive from a social media presence.

Try to market yourself or your company’s product to the consumer. In todays market people want something that is original unique and different than any other product. Support free giveaways or new promotions that will drive traffic to your site and hopefully turn over into a good conversion rate.

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