Cardale Jones Teams Up With The Media Captain

Cardale Jones Teams Up With The Media Captain

The name Cardale has a special meaning to anyone in the city of Columbus.

His legacy as a Buckeye will forever be cemented by the 2014 championship run where he led the Buckeyes to wins over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship, Alabama in the college football semifinal and Oregon in the 2015 National Championship game.

There was a joke running around Columbus that Cardale Jones only started games where he’d lift a championship trophy at the end.

Fast forward to 2017. He is now a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He has over 1 million followers on social media. In the offseason, he is putting on football camps in Columbus that attract more than 300 attendees.

Even with his large following, Cardale Jones didn’t have a website. So, he teamed up with The Media Captain.

As you can see by the pictures below, Cardale stopped by The Media Captain’s office to brainstorm about his site. Just like a starting quarterback has a vision on the field, Cardale had a clear vision as to what he wanted on his site.


Cardale brainstorming with TMC on his new website.


Cardale and the developer who hardcoded his site!

When we first showed him the site, we only had one picture of him on the homepage, which was of him with the Bills. He wanted to also have a picture from high school, college and the NFL. He informed us that he updated his signature so he wanted this adjustment made. There were also sponsors that he wanted to include on the site that we left out.

For any website we build, there is a story that needs to be told to ensure the user has a great experience. The business owner, marketer, or in this case, the athlete, provides valuable insight that makes their site that much better.

Cardale Jones will now have a hub at where he can direct potential sponsors, update his followers on events he attends, and a website which he controls where fans can learn more about his personal brand.

We couldn’t be more excited to team up with Cardale Jones to build him a championship caliber site.