Benefits of Web Video

Search Engine Optimization seems to be the three most popular words among business owners these days. Everyone wants his or her company to get a high ranking with Google. The objective is to have their website listed on the top of Google’s homepage when a user searches specific words related to their business. This process ca


With so many businesses and websites, it is hard for most companies to get the attention they deserve on the web. Facebook and Twitter are great resources for companies to update their followers. If the content is entertaining, the potential is certainly there to attract new clients. Creative social media is tremendously time-consuming though in the already busy workweek.


A great way to get my social media followers involved in the conversation on my Facebook page was to ask them what their favorite commercial was during the Super Bowl (media related post)

Videos on the web are the most entertaining form of content (ask someone if they would rather watch television or read a book and see what they say). The same concept is true on the web. Videos lure the browser in so they can see the business owner’s personality and take a peek at what the office looks like before ever having to step foot in the door!

Business owners these days want their company to be thought of as “innovative” on the web. Videos accomplish this goal while helping businesses separate themselves from their competition. The real question is, what is your company waiting for?