Our Top Performing Social Media Campaigns From April 2020

A dentist and a local retailer found success with social media advertising  Each business was able to come up with […]

May 3, 2020
  • A dentist and a local retailer found success with social media advertising 
  • Each business was able to come up with timely messaging and the right creative elements 
  • Both campaigns saw immediate results and budget was increased substantially to capitalize on strong return on investment

If YOU believe in your product or service and the CUSTOMER believes in it, why can’t you generate sales or leads on social media?

The answer in many instances that your creative is lackluster and there isn’t a defined strategy.

Below are two of The Media Captain’s top performing social media advertising campaigns from April of 2020. We go into great detail on all aspects of the campaign. From return on ad investment to the creative and deployment process. We hope you get some key takeaways from these successful campaigns! 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hylan Dental was open for emergency services. The issue? The majority of dentists were closed so not many current or prospective patients knew they were open. This meant we had to spread the word about their emergency service in a quick timespan.

This family-owned and operated dental practice was nervous about no patients coming into their office. We knew this was going to be a perfect play for Facebook and Instagram as we had to raise awareness.

Media Captain coordinated with Hylan Dental to get photos showcasing the staff in their protective gear.


We have either weekly or bi-weekly calls with our clients. This helps us get an understanding of what’s happening within the client’s business. Once we found out Hylan Dental was open for emergency service and understood their safety procedures, we knew we had to convey this message to the general public.

For each client, prior to starting a campaign, we list out goals and objectives. Seems simple, right? Often, this part of the strategy is skipped over and all parties aren’t aligned. 


  • Make it known that Hylan Dental was open but only for emergency service
  • Make it known that Hylan Dental was going above and beyond with their safety procedures
  • Make it know that Hylan Dental could help ease the pain of someone suffering from tooth, gum or mouth pain

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  • Core Advertising Channel
    • Facebook & Instagram
  • Targeting
    • 35-mile radius around Cleveland, Ohio
      • Getting too detailed with targeting can be a costly mistake, which limits your reach and raises your cost per click.
  • Creative
    • Video & Photos (all shot by client on iPhone)
      • We coordinated with the client on the video script along with the types of photos they were looking for. The client moved fast and within 24-hours, we had all necessary creative to deploy our campaigns for the month.
Look at the engagement, it’s bonkers!


  • Budget
    • $3,000 Monthly
      • We started much smaller, with a $20/day budget. Once we started seeing solid results, we continued to increase. Since a conversion for a dental practice is an in-person visit that often can’t be tracked digitally, we coordinate with the client on traffic in-person appointments.

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Media Captain helped Hylan Dental book 4x the amount of emergency patients after launching their social media campaigns at the beginning of April. Below are some of the metrics from the video advertisements we ran.

The beauty of Facebook is when you start seeing results, you can double and triple down, which is exactly what we did. We started with $20 per day and once we started to see momentum, we increased to $30 per day and beyond. We were able to see amazing metrics in the backend of Facebook in terms of cost per click, cost per 1,000 impressions, engagement and sentiment.

When Dr. Hylan and his wife called into our office, told us they had seen three times the amount of patients on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after we launched the campaign. From this point forward, we were continuing to invest more as we heard more patients were coming in.


Channel 19 News in Cleveland saw the Facebook advertisement for emergency procedures and came to Hylan Dental’s office for a feature story! The reporter looks underdressed compared to the protective gear worn by the staff at Hylan Dental!

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We love when a business can pivot. Fortin Ironworks is well diversified with their ironworks, metal fabrications, DIY Handrails along with their local market. Their storefront location (the local market) was obviously impacted by COVID-19 as there was no foot traffic in April due to the lockdown.

Instead of pouting, you know what the Columbus based iron and metal fabrication company did? They utilized their manufacturing capabilities to create a Touchless Door Key along with an entire line of safety products (the products are awesome, check them out HERE).

This eCommerce play was right in our wheelhouse. Their site, which is built in WordPress, easily allowed us to build out product pages in WooCommerce, the eCommerce plugin to WordPress.

Once the product was created, we brainstormed on the best pieces of creative. We wanted to showcase the product being used in different real life instances, which included the following:

  • Gripping and opening a door 
  • Entering information on a credit card machine 
  • Pushing open a door 
  • Ability to add keys and utilize it as a keychain 


  • Core Advertising Channel
    • Facebook & Instagram
  • Targeting:
    • Entire United States (27+) 
      • Everyone in the country would benefit from this product, hence our reason for the broad targeting. Targeting broad for a popular, in-demand product is also a great way to achieve a very low cost per click and cost per 1,000 impressions. Our goal was to get a lot of people to add the product to the shopping cart, so we could target Remarketing ads to a look-a-like audience of people adding products to the cart.
  • Creative:
    • Carousel Advertisement
      • Below is the creative that served as a carousel advertisement. We mentioned we wanted to show the product in use in multiple scenarios and a carousel advertisement is the best way to do this.

  • Original Budget: $15/Day 
    • Updated Budget: $100/Day 
      • We started with a modest budget of $15/day. Once we saw the positive return on advertising spend, we doubled down. We went to $30 per day and then $50/day. As we continued to see a positive return on ad spend, we continued to increase the budget!
  • Campaign Adjustments 
    • We knew after the carousel advertisement was performing well, a video would be a great way to better showcase the product in-use. We’re currently in the process of working with the Fortin team on a video to improve our return on ad spend.


    • We’ve seen a 6:1 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This means for every $100 spent we’re seeing $600 in revenue. Once you hit a solid ROAS, it’s tough to continue to maintain a high ROAS as you continue to increase budget. This campaign is relatively new and we plan on further scaling. 


Each campaign involves coming up with the right strategy, deploying the right creative to the right audience and measuring and continuous optimization. We hope you learned valuable lessons from our April success stories.

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