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Note: This article was update on June 23rd to reflect updated statistics about Pinterest.

For many Pinterest users, the site serves as a means to browse for things we’re interested in: photos we like, clothing we want or quotes that relate to us. Some use Pinterest as their virtual cookbook, saving recipes for casseroles and brownies alike. Others use Pinterest to plan their dream wedding, or find inspiration for their dream home design. While Pinterest serves as a fun hobby or activity for many, it’s also a serious player in the world of social networking, web traffic and online commerce. Why is Pinterest considered an asset for businesses? It may come as a surprise to you, but Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world. The way the site is set up allows for users to click directly on the item they’re interested in and find the source of where the image or product was uploaded. This means that users can find your business’ website a lot easier and a lot quicker, leading to a growth in web traffic and even a growth in sales. According to Brand24, using Pinterest for your business helps you to reach a new generation of influencers, generate new retail leads and drive traffic to your website. You can also look at who follows your brand’s account, what other brands they follow, what kinds of things they’re pinning, and how you can reach them through their interests. It also provides a way for your business to stay on top of trends going on in the market and keep up with current events and pop culture.

Another question that you may ponder about is what kinds of businesses can be successful on Pinterest, and what kinds of businesses may not find success. Consider that Pinterest is a highly visual website, and it’s used for browsing and shopping products and services. For example, a small business that creates and sells its own custom jewelry may fair better on Pinterest than a construction company. Consider what the main product or service of your business is, and if it would be visually appealing enough for users to be interested in the pin and save it to their own boards. You might also want to consider what your business goals are; if you’re looking for clients interested in buying supplies to build a house, Pinterest may not be the place to promote your business.

Take a look at some of the biggest statistics from Pinterest this year and consider how your business may benefit from joining Pinterest.

Social media companies have become nothing short of giants in the last decade, as many of the corporations and their executive teams are talked about in the media daily and profit billions of dollars every year. With networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat around, it may come as a surprise that Pinterest ranks so highly among its competing networks. Since its founding in 2010, Pinterest has continued to grow steadily and maintain an active user base.

  • Pinterest’s active users grew by 26 percent last year, counting a whopping 322 monthly million users [source]

335 million users leads to 335 million pairs of eyes potentially seeing your brand’s content. This can lead to a high increase in brand awareness as your business grows its Pinterest following and image, and eventually, can even lead to a significant increase in sales.

The Prophet Brand Relevance Index was created to help companies measure their brand relevance and how it can affect revenue. Pinterest follows companies like Apple, Spotify and Disney, and it’s the only social networking site to be in the top ten.

  • Last year, the amount of international users of Pinterest grew by 25 percent to reach 247 million

Although Pinterest was founded and started its journey in the United States, international users now cover more than half of total users of the social networking site. In addition, International users are expected to continue to outgrow American users as time goes on.

  • Active advertisers doubled in volume in 2019

The average revenue per user (ARPU) grew to $1.22 last year, which is up 15 percent from 2018. With so many users on Pinterest and that number continuing to grow, it’s a social networking site that should not be ignored by advertisers, especially due to its format that promotes shopping and browsing products.

  • Brand images without faces in them get 23% less re-pins than those with faces in them. [source]

Users like to see products or services they’re interested in being used by a real person. It can help them picture what it would be like for them to use the product or service, and can lead to more offline sales for the brand.

  • Pinterest’s revenue passed $1 billion in 2019. [source]

The site has attributed its growth to a demand for new advertisers and end-of-year holiday spikes leading to more shopping interest.

Photo sourced from Hootsuite
  • There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month

The average user on Pinterest drums up about eight searches per month. Some may forget that Pinterest works as a search engine as much as a social networking site, but it takes it a step further as users pin the things they’re interested in to different boards for future use.

  • 85 percent of users use it on mobile

You know what this means! It’s no secret that mobile internet usage has grown and will continue to grow, but with more users than ever consuming media on their phone, it means it’s important for your business to optimize your ads and sites to work for mobile viewing. When ads or websites aren’t optimized for mobile consumption, you risk losing viewers and possible customers.

  • For 48 percent of users, shopping is a top priority when using Pinterest

Pinterest is unique in that the basis of the site involves browsing products, images and other graphics and saving things that interest or inspire users. It can be a  place where users go to find ideas for things they want to buy or are considering buying, making it an ideal platform to promote your business’ products or services.

Photo sourced from Hootsuite and
  • Advertisers can reach close to 169 million people on Pinterest

For context, Pinterest ranks highly on the list of social networking sites for possible advertising reach. Facebook’s audience reach is around 180 million+, while Instagram and LinkedIn fall to a reach of less than 150 million.

  • 25-34 year old women make up the largest share of the audience breakdown at 29 percent

This probably doesn’t surprise you. However, you should take this audience breakdown into consideration as you plan your content or create advertisements for Pinterest. You want your content to appeal to your audience and capture their interest, so it may require a bit of research on your part if you’re not familiar with this audience.

Again, you should consider targeting the content you put out and ads you create to the audiences that take up the largest shares on Pinterest.

And that number will probably continue to increase. Moral of the story is that Pinterest can help grow your business.

Now that you’ve seen some of the statistics about Pinterest, you may be starting to consider how you can integrate Pinterest into your social marketing strategy. If this is new ground for you, check out this blog on how to integrate photography into your marketing strategy, and take a look at what some other top brands are doing for their social marketing strategy.

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