About The Media Captain’s Commercial

To say that The Media Captain is passionate about video production is an understatement (we’re a little nerdy, we know!). The fact that we can produce high quality videos that promote a brands message is an aspect of video production that our entire team greatly enjoys. Not to mention, using our promotional skills to get the video in front of the masses through desktop, tablet, mobile, television and social just adds icing to the cake!

Recently, we filmed two different commercials for The Media Captain. Each ad had different messaging and a different theme. The production process is pretty cool! From brainstorming the initial script, looking for actors, purchasing props, finding a set and of course, filming the actual spot plus post production.

The 0:30 second spot below is called “Barber Bill.” We conveyed the message that old-school type businesses should use digital marketing to drive more traffic to their company. We had to find an actor willing to shave his head and we actually filmed this at a barber shop in Gahanna (Jerry’s) that was built in the 1940’s!

The 0:15 second spot was more of a direct message about growing your business through digital marketing. Since we had less time, we felt the animated graphic with outlining our services was the perfect fit to convey the message in less than 5 seconds.

Of course, we wanted people to remember The Media Captain! That’s why we hired a local talented musician here in Columbus to create the ending. We hope you enjoy the spots! If you have any questions about a video for your business, contact The Media Captain today!