5 Technological Ideas That Changed Our Lives

When it comes to marketing, outsiders often believe that marketing companies have all of the answers to grow your company with creative ideas. We certainly won’t argue this point. That being said, there have been amazing ideas that have come from all different types of industries. Whether it be technology, real estate, automotive or banking, fresh ideas come from all different types of businesses.

Below, we’ve listed 5 ideas that have certainly made an impact on our daily lives. These inventions all came from individuals to change the landscape of our lives.


The most important invention regarding foods, the first commercial microwave oven was sold in 1974. Widely used for reheating cold food and even sometimes frozen food, microwave ovens have really become an important part of our life, whether it be melting chocolate or reheating a dinner, we always turn towards microwave ovens.


Let’s go back in time and have a look at the cassette walkman, a single cassette could barely have 12 to 15 songs in it. Music lovers were always seen buying and keeping various cassettes with them. But, that was that and this is now, this magnificent white device which revolutionized the music industry and has the capacity to store up to 30,000 songs in it.


GPS or more commonly referred to as the Global Positioning System first came into existence in 1978. Using 32 satellites to help it in its operation, the GPS points to your location with incredible accuracy.


Originally used in 1920, Credit Cards have revolutionized our lives. It was originated to serve as a medium of providing fuel to the increasing number of buyers, but, today they are everywhere.


They say seeing is believing, seeing a mobile phone in the hand of every human being who has any sense of himself is becoming more and more common. Today there are over 5 billion mobile phones in use and the number keeps on increasing. The ability to communicate with others even from the remotest location is all being made possible due to mobile phones and satellite phones are the perfect example of it.  The ability to stay in touch all the time via text messages is very common among the youth and is perhaps the most widely used means of communicating used today.

It is hard to believe that technologies that we use in our everyday lives came from an IDEA that someone created. We’d love to hear ideas that you’ve had that have changed your industry or lives. If you are hard pressed to find an idea, we have some advice for you. START THINKING AND GET STARTED!

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