5 Memorable Instagram Statistics

The world of photography and video has changed rapidly since George Eastman invented rolled photography film for Kodak cameras. Today, photographers can snap a photo or record a video on their smart phones with the press of a button. This fast way of imagery has led to the development of one of the world’s best social media applications for photos: Instagram. We have compiled 5 Memorable Instagram Statistics for your viewing pleasure.

Did you know that Instagram is a photo application owned by Facebook? Check out 5 Instagram statistics below:

  • Instagram averages 130 million active users monthly and sees 45 million photos uploaded daily. In total, there have been over 16 billion photos shared and counting.
  • The company with the most followers on Instagram is MTV (Music Television).
  • Monthly, an average Instagram user reportedly spends around 257 minutes on the site.
  • The number of “likes” per second on Instagram is estimated to be 8,500.
  • In 2013, Instagram added a video feature. Users can now create, share and comment on 15 second videos.


The best part about Instagram is that it’s a free mobile application.

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