2013 Mobile Marketing Trends | 2013 Mobile Marketing Statistics

In the field of digital marketing, each year there are exciting industry shifts that can change the landscape of online marketing. 2013 was definitely the year that mobile marketing became an essential for all businesses looking to grow their online presence.

From mobile display advertisements to click-to-call and enhanced campaigns through Google, the benefits of a mobile strategy can mean more phone calls and traffic to your website.

Below are 5 fascinating mobile numbers from 2013:

• Global smartphone data hit 20 percent of all Internet traffic as of December 2013.
• Mobile devices accounted for 40 percent of all online traffic on Black Friday and one-third of all online traffic on Cyber Monday. Those numbers are all the more impressive when you consider that it was 4 percent in 2010, making for an increase of 700 percent in just three years.
• One out of 5 global citizens owns a smartphone and one out of 17 owns a tablet
• In February, Google enhanced campaigns forced advertisers to adjust their game plan for mobile.

If your business hasn’t created a mobile marketing strategy, consider it a top priority in 2014. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind by your savvy competitors.