10 Insane Post COVID-19 eCommerce Statistics

eCommerce is experiencing a boom in online sales. Since brick and mortar stores were closed for nearly two months due to the pandemic, this forced consumers to turn to online shopping.

Our digital agency has been closely monitoring trends among our eCom clients and our in-house brand, DermWarehouse.

We’ve also been staying abreast to overall trends in the eCom space and external data from some of the most well-known eCommerce brands. [Note: Continue reading to see Com trends in China vs. U.S.]

Why March 13th as the Reference Point? 
Why are we using March 13th as a reference point for “Post COVID?” This was when many people took the pandemic seriously and stopped doing their normal day-to-day activities. This included going into the office, going out to dinner, the mall, movies, etc. After March 13th, consumer behavior changed like never before.

When more people were confined to their home, this naturally led to an uptick in eCommerce as online ordering was the only option. This is why it’s so fascinating to compare trends in the Com space before and after March 13th, 2020.

10 Eye Opening eCommerce Statistics Since March 13, 2020:

  • New stores created on Shopify grew 62% Between March 13th and April 24th [Source]
  • eCommerce revenue as a whole is up 37% and orders up 54% [Source]
  • DermWarehouse, our in-house beauty brand, experienced the following uptick (Date Range: March 13th – May 8th versus Jan 16 – March 12th) 
    • Revenue/+134% 
    • Transactions/+132%
    • eCom Conversion Rate/+89%




  • Target’s eCommerce sales are up 275% [Source
  • Wayfair saw a 90% jump in April ‘20 vs. April ‘19 sales [Source]
  • Amazon makes $10,000 per second as shoppers shelter in place and turn to eCommerce [Source]
  • eCommerce is now at 30% of all retail [Source]
  • Estee Lauder saw a double digit growth in online sales [Source
  • Wal-Mart’s eCommerce grocery store business doubled [Source]
  • For Shopify, Gross merchandise volume from merchant customers jumped 46% to 17.4 billion [Source]

Will eCommerce Continue to Grow?
China’s eCommerce sales account for 37% of all retail sales. The United States is currently at 30%. The growth is astronomical considering the U.S. was just above 15% in March of 2020. It doubled market share in less than two months!

At some point, malls will open up to the general public. Whether shoppers are comfortable going to a mall without a vaccine remains to be seen.

It’s fair to assume that more people are getting used to eCommerce shopping and the convenience that comes along with it. I’d find it hard to believe if eCom sales in the U.S. go below 25% of overall retail sales at any point moving forward. Only time will tell whether the U.S. catches China at nearly 40% of sales being attributed to eCommerce.